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Raise Fresh Chicken In Your Own Chicken Coop

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Learn to Build A Chicken CoopChickens have become domesticated birds. Many wild animals have become domesticated over time. We can usually see hen chickens on farms. Chickens fulfill a simple purpose on a small farm, that is, they are easy to raise and provide eggs and meat! So, many people are learning how to build a chicken coop so they can raise their own chickens.

Chickens are easy to take care of, they are free to roam during the day and find refuge in the chicken coop at night. The chicken coop is home, often times not being much of a structure, however, the chickens are kept safe and out of the mouths of wolfs, foxes, mink or any other animal that likes that taste of chicken meat. There are various distinctive shapes and forms of coops, each possessing distinct rewards. Some coops have runs. Chicken runs really do add to raising healthy chickens and are areas outside the chicken coop that are fenced in giving the bird a safe place to run freely. The goal of the chicken coop is to give the hens nesting boxes for laying eggs and provide an area of protection from the weather and prey for the rest of the chickens.

Sometimes, farmers decide to allow their hens live out in the open. These chickens are known as “free range chickens” because they live in a natural way. They gain lots of sunshine and fresh air in the daytime in addition to refuge as soon as they need it. These hens are fed from farmers but additionally have the capacity to search for feed on their own.

Chicken farming is big business and the chickens you eat from fast food places are most often from very large chicken farms that are more like factories that house 100’s and 1000’s of birds living in cages that the chicken can’t even turn around in. I wonder how healthy these “factory chickens” are since they are raised in a building all their life and don’t get to breath fresh air, eat natural food or see the light of day? The thought of chickens living on top of each other and living in a cage the size of a shoebox is sickening. And it’s the reason why many health conscious people have decided to raise their own chickens and to learn to build a chicken coop for fresh and healthy home grown food!

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